Bath Tap Boats are uniquely imaginative handcrafted vessels, created by Paul Campbell, from salvaged and reclaimed material, at his home workshop in Norfolk, UK.
Paul's love of boats started at an early age and he later spent weekends volunteering at the Liverpool Maritime Museum, where he helped restore the 3-masted schooner 'De Wadden' and the pilot boat 'Edmund Gardner'. Bath Tap Boats arose from Paul's enjoyment of salvaging wood and other reclaimed materials and from beachcombing shorelines for items of interest and potential. His magpie eye has led to a varied collection of items, from copper pipes and old brass hinges to Victorian taps, which he now gives a new lease of life incorporating them into his handcrafted boats. Bath Tap Boats are not mass-produced, by their very nature each boat is a completely individual sculpture.

Bath Tap Boats are stocked by:
Artstar Gallery, Drove Orchards, Thornham, North Norfolk.
Instagram: @artstaruk

In December 2022 Bath Tap Boats will also be featured at:
Utopia the Unexpected Gallery, 33 High Street, Holt, North Norfolk NR25 6BN.
Utopia the Unexpected Gallery